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General Information

Absonus Lab, a non-profit private association situated in Estarreja, Portugal, was established in 2022 with the primary aim of creating a laboratory for sound and musical experimentation. This visionary initiative nurtures a transdisciplinary dialogue where research, art, technology, and science coalesce to construct knowledge rooted in post-digital meta-methodologies, spanning both theoretical and practical dimensions. Sound plays a central role within a technocultural and intercultural ecosystem. Absonus Lab actively endeavors to craft strategies for the promotion, dissemination, and critical discourse of sound arts, digital media art, computerized music, acousmatics, and experimental electronic music within a contemporary framework. Their influence extends from local engagements with Hugo Paquete, a sound art researcher and educator, to collaborations with international artists. Funding is primarily achieved through project proposals, focusing on creative art projects. Absonus Lab has a production fund from Dgartes dedicated to developing an e-opera titled "Negentropy: The Last Man in the Wasteland." In terms of partnerships and relationships, Absonus Lab collaborates with both public and private sectors, sharing insights into the intersection of art and technology, particularly in the context of contemporary sound and music practices. Their collaboration protocol with the University of Algarve and the CIAC: Center for Research in Communication Sciences and Arts further underscores their commitment to advancing knowledge in these domains. A distinctive characteristic of Absonus Lab is its purposeful decentralization away from major urban centers. This approach encourages engagement and communication with surrounding communities, facilitating contact with contemporary sound and music artistic production and theory. This, in turn, contributes to the cultivation of a diverse and critical community of individuals, artists, and enthusiasts, not only in the Central Region of Portugal but also on a broader European and global scale.

Mission and Objectives

Production Absonus Lab organizes and creates art events focused on sound arts, music, art, and technology, encouraging experimentation in art. The goal is to showcase the wide range of meta-methodologies used in contemporary sound and technological music creation and their applicability as interventions and in understanding the contemporary social, artistic, and technological universe. This is achieved by involving activities with scientific, social, and artistic communities. Absonus Lab aims to support the creation and theoretical and practical research of artworks and studies, including artistic installations, compositions, and auditory experiences, such as sound arts, computer-produced music, and independent research and study programs. Electronic Music Laboratory The establishment of an electronic music laboratory that concentrates on music composition and production, connecting various fields of study, including acoustic ecology, acousmatic music, sound spatialization, post-digital music, microsounds, and maximal sounds. The focus is on extensive research in musical-computational informatics. Technological Development and Pilot Projects Promoting participation in creative programs and activities in the development of new technologies and research in art and society and their potential creative applications. Implementing research and pilot projects, promoting training programs, and collaborating with public and private entities in the community.

Main Projects / Activities

Artistic Creation Sound, art, and technology are considered gateways to knowledge through the process of listening and how this experience is shaped in the individual and their social relationships with the event and its context, identity, imagination, representation, and culture. Sound is simultaneously viewed as social and material, based on the social study of sound and contemporary social theories. It is understood within a framework where the world consists of "multiple essences" in a system of relationships between actors, including humans, animals, plants, geology, and technologies. It is comprehended through dynamic articulations and accumulations of various personal, cultural, and contextual meanings in a process of participation, interaction, and reflection. Connections are established between sound-music and other disciplines such as sociology, aesthetics, and technology.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Absonus Lab's affiliation with the ALF Network promises to be a mutually beneficial partnership. Absonus Lab's unique commitment to the intersection of technology and cross-sectoral arts is poised to bring valuable innovation to the Network. This commitment is particularly noteworthy, as it bridges the realms of technology and the arts, offering new inputs for exploration and creativity. As a potential member of the ALF Network, our aim is to create connections within the local community, foster collaborations with kindred spirits and institutions, and explore promising opportunities. By participating in the Network, we not only stand to benefit from the collective wisdom and experiences of fellow members but also seek to contribute our unique insights, expertise, and available resources to further the Network's mission. We envision Absonus Lab taking an active role within the Network by sharing our groundbreaking methodologies, collaborating with like-minded entities, and collectively pushing the boundaries of art, technology, and societal architecture. Our commitment to innovation and exploration aligns seamlessly with the Network's aspirations, and we look forward to making a meaningful contribution.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

I believe that Absonus Lab possesses the potential to be a valuable addition to the ALF Network. Its commitment to the convergence of technology and cross-sectoral arts is particularly noteworthy. Absonus Lab's emphasis on sound and musical experimentation, coupled with the exploration of intercultural and technocultural ecosystems, represents both innovation and alignment with the ever-evolving paradigms of art and technology within the context of societal evolution and transformation. The objective of Absonus Lab to contemplate culture, communities, modes of production, and the aesthetic interplay between music and society is a pivotal undertaking in our swiftly changing world. This initiative recognizes the dynamic shifts in culture and society and aims to address them through artistic expression, technology, and the power of innovation. In my quest to join the ALF Network, I aspire to connect Absonus Lab with kindred spirits, institutions, and promising opportunities. By becoming an integral part of this esteemed network, we not only stand to gain from the collective knowledge and experiences of its members but also aspire to contribute to the ALF Network's overarching mission by sharing our unique insights, expertise, and available resources. I foresee Absonus Lab taking an active role within the Network, sharing its groundbreaking methodologies and fostering collaborations with other entities dedicated to pushing the boundaries of art, technology, and societal architecture. I eagerly anticipate the prospect of making a meaningful contribution to the ALF Network, establishing connections with fellow members, and collectively advancing the domains of art, technology, and social progress. Furthermore, I extend my gratitude for considering my application and look forward to the possibility of participating in the ALF Network's exciting initiatives.

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Hugo Filipe Rodrigues Paquete
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Sound Artist, Resarcher and Director at Absonus Lab
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Hugo Paquete
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Erica Frota Fernandes
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