7amleh - Arab Center for the Development of Social Media

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
  2. Media
General Information
Structure: 7amleh has 7 board members, 3 steering committee members and 2 project co-ordinators. Previous partners include Adalah, Baladna, Palestine Vision, Sikkuy and Kayan.  Budgetary Resources: Approx 50000 EUR Sources of Funding: 7amleh has previously received funding from the European Union, Sparkplug, and a private donor.  Modalities of Action: Social media training courses, social media awareness campaigns  Main Partners: 7amleh does not have a single main partner but works with other organisations when it is beneficial to the project. However, 7amleh has worked closely with Baladna on a number of social media campaigns. 
Mission and Objectives

 7amleh is a professional Palestinian center, established in 2013, that believes that social media is powerful and influential tool for enacting social reform. We utilise the influential possibilities of social media and train the current generation of Palestinian activists to use social media effectively to challenge the status quo of discrimination, marginalisation and dispossession. We operate as partners with local Palestinian civil society activists seeking to promote dialogue about Palestine via alternative media channels, enabling Palestinians to advocate for themselves and their community.

Main Projects / Activities

- Social Media Training Courses: 7amleh holds social media training courses for Palestinian active citizens/citizen journalists in Israel, the West Bank and most recently the Gaza Strip. These courses are designed to empower Palestinians to advocate and campaign for themselves and their communities using social media platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and Facebook, among others.
- Social Media Awareness Campaigns: 7amleh produces campaigns on issues affecting Palestinian society in Israel, in conjunction with other NGOs. Videos on the topics of house demolitions, gendered violence and the importance of knowing your rights under arrest and investigation, among others, have been produced. 
-Lam Shamel: 7amleh is currently seeking funding for this project, which is a website which will act as an online community for Palestinian active citizens/citizen journalists. Work produced from the social media training courses will be hosted on the site, and it is believed that this will encourage a culture of dialogue and tolerance in these communities. 

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

7amleh brings expertise in social media to the Network, which can wil be very beneficial in terms of capacity-building for the Network. 7amleh will raise the profile and capacity of the Network's civil society organisations in the field of social media, which is integral to success in the new age of technology. Social media offers the perfect channel through which to conduct campaigns, due to the established and growing popularity of this form of communication and the ease and speed with which information can be shared, reaching people who may not otherwise have engaged with civil society. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

As a new organisation, joining the ALF Network will allow 7amleh to network with potential partners, and to improve our capacities.
It also gives us an opportunity to spread the word about 7amleh and our work in civil society. 

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Minem Maarouf
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Board Member
Head of the organisation
Nadim Nashif