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General Information

6 Bab Sharq is a cultural and art space that aims to support the young emerging artists in Alexandria through educational labs, workshops, and new forms of cooperation among civil society actors to strengthen civil structures.
Moreover, 6 Bab Sharq promotes unknown talents and thus creates a unique platform for young artists in Alexandria and Egypt.
‘6 Bab Sharq’ was born as an initiative launched by Goethe-Institut Alexandria in 2019. We started our journey with a long-term training program that focuses on art and culture management in Goethe Alexandria. Then we received an annual fund to cover the implementation expenses of the projects that we developed in the last few years.
Early this year, ‘6 Bab Sharq’ established itself as a fully independent LLC that will continue to embrace and nurture the cultural scene of Alexandria while creating creative and mutually-beneficial links with the Egyptian art scene at large. Managed by Mostafa Ismail and Motaz Sobhy.

Mission and Objectives

Our Objectives are:
- Provide equal opportunities for emerging visual artists in less-supported communities in the surrounding smaller towns of Alexandria, so they get a choice and chance to experience new methods to expand and share their art.
- To Support the Egyptian cultural scene and empower young generations of ambitious artists.
- More participation in cultural events by a diverse audience.
- Provide a stable environment with equipped space for emerging visual artists to create their art projects.

Our Mission is to promote unknown talents and thus create a unique platform for young artists in Alexandria and Egypt and support the young emerging artists through educational labs, workshops, and new forms of cooperation among civil society actors to strengthen civil structures.

Our Vision is to create a cultural and artistic movement in Alexandria and Egypt through the younger generations of ambitious young artists.

Main Projects / Activities

We organize different types of activities that support the Alexandrian youth community: long-term, and short-term projects.
Long-term projects' duration starts from one or two months like art residencies, and mentorship programs up to 10 months like capacity building projects.
Short-term projects' duration starts from one day like talks, and panel discussions, up to 5 days like workshops, and reading circles.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Our contribution will be in the frame of sharing our previous experience in supporting emerging visual artists, writers, and filmmakers in Egypt especially in Alexandria. as well as curating artistic projects that focus on intercultural dialogue and capacity building.
Moreover, we are excited to collaborate and make partnerships with the network members in Egypt to explore new ways of merging arts and development to create new potentials for emerging artists.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

To support our community in Alexandria through creating cross-cultural collaboration and building strong connections with the potential partners in the Anna Lindh network.
Provide opportunities for the youth to gain more experience through joining cross-culture abroad programs in collaboration with our potential partners in Anna lindh network.

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Motaz Sobhy
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Head of the organisation
Motaz Sobhy
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Mostafa Ismail
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