Bulgarian participation in the "Par-Olympia" project in Athens

Bulgarian participation in the "Par-Olympia" project in Athens

"Futura" association provided 12 young people from Bulgaria the opportunity to participate in a large-scale sports event with over 250 young people from 13 sports organisations, from 12 European countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Ireland, Italy, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal and Serbia). This was possible thanks to the participation of the "Futura" association in the "Par-Olympia" project, financed under the "Erasmus+" program, Sport sector.

"Par-Olympia" was held at the sports facilities of the Olympic Athletic Centre of Athens, Greece for the period 27.9.2023 - 4.10.2023. The venue was ideal for inspiring and teaching the participants Olympic and Paralympic values. The historic value of the site (it hosted the 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games) and the diverse nature of sports and other facilities made it the most suitable location for the programme.

The team of 250 participants was made up of physically disabled and non-disabled youth. Together, they developed physical skills by challenging themselves in playing games and practicing sports, learning to communicate in a multicultural environment, accepting and respecting diversity and differences. The main objective of “Par-Olympia” was to educate, engage and inspire youth with disabilities to participate in sport, learn new life skills and embrace the Olympic and Paralympic values. All participants competed in 12 Paralympic sports in an inclusive environment. A major emphasis was placed on the respect for diversity and positive interaction between all. The young people also participated in artistic, educational and cultural activities and had a unique opportunity to experience Greek culture.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the project:https://www.parolympia.com/