ALF Launches “Not Just Ticking Boxes” Campaign to advocate for women by challenging superficial narratives

Not Just Ticking Boxes


On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) is proud to announce the launch of its new campaign, "Not Just Ticking Boxes", as a response to the Foundation’s collective request for a deeper, more genuine kind of women's empowerment. It's about moving past the surface to touch the very core of what it means to empower women.

The main aim of the campaign is to challenge the superficial narratives that often accompany discussions surrounding women's issues, particularly on occasions such as International Women’s Day. 

“Not Just Ticking Boxes” sheds light on how empowerment and inclusion are not just buzz words thrown in meetings or token gestures, but rather demand concrete, meaningful actions that bring real change. This involves ensuring real equality within your organisation, creating an environment where women can have a physical presence that's on par with their male counterparts. It's about accommodating the unique needs of working mothers, such as providing necessary childcare facilities, and ensuring that everyone's voice, regardless of their gender, is heard and valued equally.

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