INVITATION - 25th Children's Theatre Festival of B&H

CDO Mostar, B&H

Center for Drama Education - Invitation


Dear Sir or Madam,


We inform you that the 25th Children's Theatre Festival of Bosnia and Herzegovina will take place on May 10, 11 and 12, 2024, in Gračanica, and that it is time to think about possible participants. In consideration for applications, primarily, plays are a reflection of true children's creativity, plays in which children's playfulness came to the fore and treatment of questions, problems and interests of the child and the children's world, the real one, but also the one from the imagination, and plays that last at least 20 minutes.


Due to a more equal evaluation of the achieved results, but also to standardize the criteria, the festival repertoire will take place in two programs, namely:


a) non-professionally led children's drama groups, and

b) professionally managed children's drama groups


When making decisions, the jury will observe these two festival programs separately and reward the best achievements and individuals in each program.


Striving to affirm the existing creativity of children in elementary schools, but also the creativity of children of that age organized in different theatre groups and organizations, at the 25th Festival of Children's Theatre of BiH we want to gather all those who have something to say and show.


At the 25th BiH Children's Theatre Festival, all registered plays will be performed, which meet the criteria of the Festival with their artistic and pedagogical qualities.


The festival will be monitored by a three-member jury appointed by the Management Board of the Centre for Drama Education from prominent drama artists, professors and critics.


The host city will form a five-member children's jury that will award the audience award for the performance as a whole.


The Festival Jury can award the following prizes in each of the programs:


- for the show as a whole,

- for ensemble play,

- for artistic - pedagogical leadership,

- for the original dramatic text, template or idea of the play,


Exceptionally, the jury can also award a fifth prize, at its own discretion, for an element of theater art that stands out at the Festival.


The jury can praise an unlimited number of groups and individuals.


After each performance, a round table is organized where members of the jury, the audience and other participants of the Festival present their observations about the performance.


The management board of the Centre for Drama Education, at the same time as the jury, will determine the leader of the Round Table.


In terms of enriching the festival program, we are also announcing a guest performance outside BiH.


Expecting your cooperation, support, but also ideas and suggestions, I warmly greet you, and we expect applications no later than April 20, 2024, to the address:


Center for drama education

128 Maršala Tita Street

88000 - Mostar

Phone: 061 626 978