Celebrating the Mediterranean Second Edition - Questions and Answers

Information Session 14 September 2023

Q1 Does the ALF member, Civil Society Organization, need to engage in the community of its headquarters or can it be with another municipality with the geographical scope of activities?

A1 The musical performances can be implemented or arranged in any of the 42 countries that are included in our network. You can find the list through this link: https://www.annalindhfoundation.org/networks

Q2 How do you address gender equality, sustainability, and social responsibility in the proposals?

A2 There are several ways through which this could be achieved, and it is completely up to the participants to decide how to integrate that into their proposals. However, an example of this would be participants showing meticulous planning on how to make sure that their performances would have a relatively lower impact in terms of waste. The ideas should be complementary to the main purpose of the call, namely, the musical performances.

Q3 Can an entity apply or submit a proposal for more than one musical group?

A3 Applicants are allowed to submit a proposal that includes more than one musical group. However, no additional funding will be provided, and proposals will still be assessed based on the criteria given in the call.

Q4 If an entity is not a member of the ALF network. Is it a possibility to join?

A4 Yes, entities are encouraged to apply to join the ALF network, and the process is relatively easy and free of charge. Non-members are welcome to apply but as noted in the call, priority is given to existing members of the ALF network.

Q5 If an entity is not officially registered as a civil society organization. Is it still possible to apply?

A5 Yes, it is still possible to apply. However, a thorough explanation of the situation should be given in the application for the ALF committee to be able to properly assess the case. Especially if the entity’s work scope still falls under the civil society organization's scope of work.

Q6 Should all approvals be secured before applying? For example, approvals from music ensembles, venues, and local administrations?

A6 There is no need for proof of the above. However, proof of at least approaching local organizations who are also approving your prospected proposal is expected at this stage. The same applied to intended musical groups.

Q7 In regards to the additional €800 for live streaming. What is exactly meant by live streaming? Is it a YouTube live streaming, TV, or social media?

A7 The additional €800 is for social media live streaming. Prospective applicants will be granted live-streaming opportunities on our social media platforms. Please note that the live streaming takes place on the spot, namely on the 28th of November; and the elements of the live streaming will be discussed more elaborately during the kick-off meeting with the selected organizations.

Q8 There are entities that are dealing with schools and institutions for youth that work for governments but locally. Are these considered local administrations? In other words, what is exactly meant by local administrations?

A8 Prospect entities should have a clear link with local administrations. It is not, however, required for them to have a direct relation with city hall. It could be a youth center that belongs to a local administration. It should, however, be a clear link between what is a city hall and these specific bodies that belong to the city hall.

Q10 If an organization has applied before with a certain proposal and idea and got shortlisted, is it possible to re-apply using the same idea or proposal?

A10 It is a possibility, but we do recommend a change of ideas or proposals to better comply with our criteria when applying again to increase the possibility of successful selection.

Q11 If the venue that is used does not belong to the local administration, but belongs to an entity that belongs to the Ministry of Culture, would the use of this venue be eligible?

A11 Unfortunately, the use of such space would not be eligible; as one of the main purposes of this call is to encourage the collaboration between local administration and civil society organizations.

Q12 In relation to the criterion highlighting the added value of the musical group, what is exactly meant by added value?

A12 Musical groups are expected to have roots in the community where they are playing, and the expected added value is, primarily, in terms of diversity. This could be reflected in the music that is played, in the compositions, or even in the approach or philosophy followed.

Q13 Is it acceptable if an ALF network member decides on collaborating with a musical group that is from a different country, but one that is also one of the 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries?

A13 The approach taken by the applicants is completely up to them. It is crucial, however, to provide a clear and thorough explanation of the approach in the proposals submitted. Applicants are also advised to carefully check the assessment’s criteria and their weights which are demonstrated in percentages.

Q14 In case most of the local administrations available are connected to the government or their ministries, how could this be dealt with?

A14 It is important to note that the ALF assessment committee considers separate cases and situations in every country. It is, therefore, important to clearly address and explain the situation in your proposal.

Q15 Is the application for grants the same as last year's?

A15 The application is largely similar to last year's with few adjustments and additions like the live streaming option, for example.

Q16 Is it possible to apply with more than one musical group?

A16 It is a possibility. However, the ransom allocated will not be altered or changed. The rationale of such a decision or approach should also be clearly explained in the proposal.

Q17 In case of receiving more than one application from the same country, how would this be managed?

A17 The quality of proposals would play a significant part in the process of assessment and selection.

Q18 Is there a template or a specific document to be filled for the agreement made between local administrations and civil society organizations?

A18 There is no specific template provided in this matter. However, it is important to note that by the time the proposal is submitted, an insightful agreement should be included for us to be able to assess the relationship between both entities. This is to be later formalized in the process before signing the contract.

Q19 Is there a maximum duration for the performance?

A19 The recommended duration ranges from an hour and a half to two hours. However, proposals who are suggesting more than two hours will also be accepted.