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Mar Tirreno 60
11380 Tarifa Cádiz

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. International/Cultural relations
  2. Youth and education
General Information

Non profit association focussed on non-formal education and intercultural exchange in the Strait of Gibraltar area. Funding is through Erasmus+ youth exchanges and KA2 projects. Main activites are , mentoring local youth, implementing local workshops on intercultural communication, and opportunities for NEETyouth. Our partners are our international Erasmus partners in many countries, the University of Seville, the city of Tarifa, plus local high schools and associations.

Mission and Objectives

Strait Up is a small non-profit association based in Tarifa, the very southern tip of Europe and
closer to Tangier, Morocco than any city in Spain. We use non-formal education and intercultural learning to connect with youth on both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar and create a
sense of shared neighborhood that bridges continents and cultures. Our specific objectives are.

● Promote healthy lifestyle habits in the Strait of Gibraltar area.
● Stimulate debate around the EU project and the relationship between the EU and its
south med neighborhood.
● Provide opportunities for cultural exchange and cooperation in the Strait of Gibraltar
● Protect and reform cultural patrimony and heritage in the Strait of Gibraltar area.
● Promote gender equality.
● Promote the participation of young people in political, economic, social and cultural life
in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Main Projects / Activities

RIDE : Rollsports for Inclusive Design and Empowerment: Youth exchange with Germany, Spain and Morocco.
SEED: Social Entrepreneurship for Education and Develpment: activites and mentoring for youth starting their own social enterprises.
REMEDY: Intercultural Mediation for youth with the University of Seville.

Our main activities focus on supporting youth to self-organize and engage in intercultural
learning while preparing for a viable future. The goal is to connect local youth to the EU
programs, resources and information that will empower them to create pathways to a positive
future for themselves and their community.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We are prepared to implement projects in the South Med area at the very gate of Europe in Tarifa Spain, only 14 km from our neighbours in Tangier. We have experience in intercultural education with young people. We would like to share and use our experience to grow the community of people working across the Med area. We would like to host more youth and professionals in this location so that we can show our proximity, both physically, ,culturally and especially regarding our environmental closeness.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

The network exactly matches our inspiration and objectives: this amazing neighbourhood of diversity and community in the south med area. Our physical location is our source of motivation because every day we see across the Strait of Gibraltar to our neighbours in Morocco. We would like to build strong partnerships with communities in other countries, especially our closest neighbour Morocco and this network is a great way to begin. Access to information, funding calls, learning opportunities are also motivating factors.

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Rea Fraser
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Rea Fraser
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Rogelio Jose Santos Marquez
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