World Arabic Language Day in Dublin; Border Crossings (UK), sister company in Ireland, is a new member of the Irish network.

Arabesque events Ireland

World Arabic Language Day was established by UNESCO in 2010 and is observed annually on 18th Dec. Since 2018, Ireland has celebrated this event to celebrate the language and promote its cultural diversity. Arabic Cultural Events, a member of the Irish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, organizes these events under the rubric ‘Arabesque Events’ with the aim of bringing East and West together through the sharing of traditions and culture. In 2020, on December 18th, this was done via a new Arabic video conferencing/concert streaming facility.


Border Crossings (UK) has been a member of the ALF for many years, and was funded by the ALF for a project with Palestine in 2014. They have created a sister company in Ireland and joined the Irish network in December 2020. The organization has twenty-five years of experience in intercultural performance, curation, and community work. The company works across borders between cultures and art forms, and between nations and peoples. Border Crossings advocates for a universally accessible approach to cultural work, with particular stress on: 

Social Integration. Border Crossings works with artists and international cultural partners to make theatre and other cultural outputs that reflect the increasingly multicultural and international nature of Irish society.

International Collaboration. Border Crossings works with partners across the European Union and beyond to develop innovative new approaches to theatrical and cultural creation, participation, and learning.

Participation and Education. Border Crossings works closely with the diverse communities of contemporary Ireland, both within the education system and at a grassroots community level, to enable wide and varied participation in cultural activities, regardless of ethnic and cultural identity, religious beliefs, and socio-economic background.