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Avenue Walckierslaan 54
1160 Auderghem
1160 Brussels

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
General Information

Alive Architecture is a research based practice situated in Brussels. All projects contribute to knowledge within the ongoing discussion about the expanded role of the architect, enlarging the discipline from built space to Lived Space. We consider the process of each project as being essential to its outcome, stimulating urban transformation in a playful and artistic way!

Mission and Objectives

In order to trigger Lived Space we play four different roles: The one of the Observer of the existing spatial, social and economic and cultural situation to trigger the locations unique identity. The one of the Engager to reveal interests and expertise of multiple stakeholders. And the one of the Mediator between top-down & bottom-up actors that allows us to play the role of the Enabler of citizens with the aim to co-produce the city!

Main Projects / Activities

Our key projects are between the urban, the social and the artistic - focussing upon the socio-urban transformation of the public space in region of Brussels.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Through generating socio-urban transformation in the region of Brussels as well as the top-down and bottop-up network related to it. Through our large portfolio of projects that we developed since our foundation in 2010, we are in contact with key actors from the institutions side (Several institutions as Perspective.Brussels, Brussels Environment, SAU, Bruxelles Mobilité...) as well as with non-profit organizations (Toestand, Communa, Samenlevingsopbouw...) .

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

In order to enlarge our European network and to collaborate on EU scale projects of socio-spatial / socio-artistique urban transformation, taking the responsability for this to happen on the perimeter of the region of Brussels.

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Petra Pferdmenges
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Petra Pferdmenges