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13 Riga Fereos Street
2413 Nicosia

Organisation Type
Private Company
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
General Information

ACK CREATIVE LTD is a Private Company that supports the arts, social sciences and humanities. Found and established in 2020 by Anna-Christina Kattou, the organization has an online archive and website accessible worldwide. We have a keen interest in international artistic collaboration and in organizing competitions while hosting artists in residency whose projects requires to be enriched by joined support system across the field of humanities. ACK CREATIVE is also interested to create events,cultural conversations, artistic projects, launch courses and collaborate with individual artists, organisation and educational institutes. At the moment the creative director Anna-Christina Kattou is working full time and there is another two people working part- time related with particular projects with the potential to be employed full time in the future based on the needs of the NGO and their increase. Our budget at the moment is as low as 1500 euros per year and we are trying hard to find sources of funding in order to increase our funds and be able to do more projects and activities.

Mission and Objectives

Our mission and our objectives are: 1) Support of the arts, social sciences and humanities in relation with different projects that involved the public. 2) Enrichment of education and change of perception through the arts and social sciences 3) Support of local and international artists in order to offer financial support and employment 4) Support of research related with the arts and social sciences (support of PhD students).

Main Projects / Activities

1) Arts competition with cash prize for the winner. Includes an event for the nomination. 2) Theater and music performances. 3) Networking events with cultural dialogue and projections.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

ACK CREATIVE LTD can contribute in my country in relation with the following aspects: 1) Offer opportunities for cultural conversation for young people and people of different ages. 2) Establish a more stable and professional network for independent or group research related with cultural, arts and humanities projects. 3) Create and share a common developed perception for the arts in relation with the needs of our society in my country. 4) Empower young people to create a policy for the arts and humanities in my country. 5) Create a movement for culture in relation with citizens of my country in order to enrich their theoretical knowledge and expand their practical skills.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

I want to join the ALF Network for the following reasons: 1) To have access on a great network as such in order to meet new people and organisations and collaborate with them. 2) I want to learn new things and expand my knowledge and understanding on cultural projects. 3) I am interested to exchange ideas and collaborate under the spirit of team work within a professional spectrum. 4) I want to learn how to be more creative and use my creative ideas in order to produce something important in collaboration with others. 5) I want to have my voice heard as a woman while being a creative director and promote my NGO which is very creative and unique while helping other artists as well.

Contact (1) Full Name
Anna-Christina Kattou
Job Title
Creative Director
Head of the organisation
Anna-Christina Kattou