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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Environment/Sustainable development
  4. Human rights
  5. Media
  6. Others
  7. Youth and education
General Information
Eufemia is an association for social promotion established in 2010. 10 years later it has a staff of 50 people, among which 5 employees, 15 workers/collaborators and 30 volunteers on a weekly basis. The projects are related to non formal education and experiential learning, focusing on 5 areas: food and sustainability youth work serious games digital tools theater The work is organised according to the needs from the local groups and communities (mainly youth and disadvantaged families), distributed on different projects: we run an average of 40 projects per year, big and small. Some example of projects: youth exchanges; theatre workshops in schools and public performances; food collection and redistribution; educational escape room; European voluntary service; school for women for digital literacy. The average budget available in the last 3 years is 250.000€, increasing every year. The main source of fundings are: Italian National Agency for Youth (mainly Erasmus+ programme) Bank foundations Local and regional public amministration Fundraising and donations There are several partners involved, among them: the Municipality of Turin, its social services, schools (7 on regular basis), local NGOs (dozens), informal groups, shelters for homeless people (4).
Mission and Objectives

Mission: to contribute to the lifelong growth of each individual and their community.
to create meaningful educational experiences for youth;
to contribute to the European identity;
to build realtionship among the local communities;
to develop good practices in terms of sustainability and resilience;
to promote a culture of media, social media and arts.

Main Projects / Activities

According to the 5 areas:
food and sustainability: Food PRIDE (collect, redistribute, cook together food waste):
youth work: youth exchanges and volunteering service in Europe and surroundings (Erasmus+ and ESC programmers)
serious games: educational escape rooms on sensitive eco-cultural topics:
digital tools: #offline a project for kids, teachers and parents about media education:
theater: a theater for peace, school workshops about arts and peace education:

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We have a strong expertise in project planning and networking, that might be useful for different partners and the network itself, especially in the Piedmont region and at the national level in the field of Youth.
We would like to share some good practices born and raised in 10 years of work with the local communities.
We can support young people and youth organizations in organizing and delivering meaningful learning experiences in formal and non formal environments.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

A good network makes a bigger and more long-term sustainable impact. We believe ALF is one of those.
In the last 3 years are increasingly working with Euro-Mediterranean countries (Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Portugal, Spain, France, Slovenija, Croatia to nema the main ones) and we need to gain a more in depth knowledge and stronger connection with the civil society of those countries. We joined a network of NGOs active at the Euro-Mediterranean level, but so far it didn't bring much of added value to our work.

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Pasquale Lanni
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Head of the organisation
Pasquale Lanni