Associazione Nous

National Network

via G.Marconi 85
80030 Camposano

Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Heritage
  4. International/Cultural relations
  5. Youth and education
General Information
Our NGO is active in the cultural field and in the promotion of european opportunities. We are the point of reference of a network of public institutions, youth forums and NGOs with the aim of promoting the cultural initiatives in our area and trying to involve the youngsters in the european dimension through projects, initiatives and mobility. Our staff and volunteers are involved in the organization of events in order to communicate the opportunities offered by the European Community and promoting the international collaboration in the field of culture and creativity, creating a network of artists, festivals and organizations and promoting the organization of cultural exchanges and artistic events.
Mission and Objectives

The staff is composed by 3 stable members, the president, the european project responsible and the secretary, our budget is completely based on the approvation of our projects so it depends from the request of funding done year by year. We organize youth exchanges, training course, contact making events and EVS project in Italy, Europe and Mediterranean countries. As main partner we have ISMEO for our projects abroad and locally we have some NGOs from Campania that are active with us in the promotion of European projects in our region.

Main Projects / Activities

We are currently invovled in the organization of local events and workshop promoting the opportunities of Erasmus+ for short term activities (trainings and exchanges) and long term experiences in the framework of European Voluntary Service, in particular in the Mediterranean Area, we are promoting a Contact Making Event to be done here in Italy where European and Mediterranean countries will be rapresented by NGOs active in the EVS program in order to promote new cooperations and projects.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We are promoting the creation of a trusted network of NGOs from mediterranean countries to establish a regulax exchange of long and short term volunteers, we will contribute to the network in our country becoming one of the NGOs having regular collaborations with mediterreanean countries offering chances for volunteering abroad and implementing projects of cooperation for the developement. We will also share our network of trusted partners with the italian members of the ALF in order to increase.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Many members of our NGO had experience of study or projects or research in the Mediterranean countries and developed the strong will to become an active subjet in the promotion of cooperation and integration among the people living on the mediterranean coasts, we believe that the ALF Network will offer us the chance to work in an established network that will help us to boost our initiatives and make them more effective and easy to disseminate.

Contact (1) Full Name
Francesco Saverio Quatrano
Job Title
Head of the organisation
Francesco Saverio Quatrano
Contact (2) Full Name
Nona Simonyan
Job Title (2)