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34 Dobroslavsko shosse str
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179 primary school celebrated 125 years in 2014, specializes in various activities, among which - sports - approved the project "Sport and Health" program of Sofia Municipality for the development of sport in Sofia. Extracurricular activities - working on a project SUCCESS MES - 2012/13 groups "Patriotism - know your country and homeland," "religious holidays and folk tradition," Fairy World "; 2013/14 group" Multiactivity "," Family holidays as game "club" Young Journalist "studio" Fashion Design ". Ecological activity - project for classroom naotkrito. etc. The school educates children from the villages of Sofia region. A major problem is poverty. Students have difficulties because their families cope with difficult economic problems crisis. The family no longer meets the expectations of its role due to the fact that parents are or bezabotni or have to work too manogo and devote the necessary time and attention to their children. Often holidays are received without follow Bulgarian traditions. Our goal is to fill the missing gap and to give our students the knowledge, skills and competences on our cultural heritage, traditions and rituals.
Mission and Objectives

The school is working for many years to familiarize students with the traditions of our country. Hold regular festivals and competitions related to folk songs and dances, crafts typical of our area. Before every major holiday remind students following pollutants are analyzed were the traditions of our ancestors and what sense behind them, and we continue to follow them. Make dramatic reconstructions of rituals. In art lessons are made characteristic of our country martenitzas survachki. To make the connection of students with the third generation healthier organize joint kneading bread, breads, cakes, pies and other Bulgarian ritual breads, accompanied holidays and traditions of centuries. This project enables us to understand how our colleagues from Malta integrate in the curriculum knowledge of folklore and family traditions, what approaches and methods used to revive them and motivate students to engage in life those old and forgotten today practices. We think this is important because it connects us to our roots and where they go in the world, will remain Bulgarians and all will follow the same folk traditions.

Main Projects / Activities

Our teachers of all disciplines work with enthusiasm to build a sense of patriotism in students. We are looking for all possible approaches through educational content in categories to objects by subjects in hours tutor or in extracurricular activities that relate to art, sports, picnics. In our school we are trying to affiliate parents towards the goals we have set. According to our acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of folklore and Bulgarian traditions is unthinkable without the family. This project will enable us to learn how educators to demonstrate a contemporary child the importance of knowledge of our roots in today's globalized

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