Al Madina Theatre Association for Art and Culture

National Network

Hamra street, Al-Saroulla Bldg.
Beirut 1103

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Organisation Type
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Environment/Sustainable development
  4. Gender
  5. International/Cultural relations
  6. Youth and education
General Information
Theatre Al Madina was rested by Mrs. Nidal Al Achkar in 1994. It is a unit including/understanding, in addition to 2 rooms of theatre, a space of exposure and a workshop for all cultural activities;Depuis its opening, several artists as well as troops local and international their work presented at Theatre Al Madina Theatre Al Madina became the Association of Theatre Al Madina for Art and the Culture, associating a committee of eminent personalities of the civil company: lawyers, well-read men, experts of development, specialists cultural, etc. Association changed its address into Mars 2005, moving Street Clemenceau with the Street of Hamra. The new room includes a large theatre (450 places) and a small theatre (110 places), a space of exposure, two spaces - workshop, a cafeteria, 2 offices, and ticketting. - Associated Partners for cultural exchanges: The Theatre Nationsl (Tunis), The Theatre Hanger (Egypt), Theatre Al Balad (Jordan)
Mission and Objectives

Theatre Al Madina - Theatre of the City -represents for Lebanese social fabric a stage in the cultural and political development of the search of the country for liberalism and morality. The Association of Theatre Al Madina for Art and the Culture is based financially on the private and institutional donations coming from Lebanon and the Arab world. Theatre Al Madina is today a crucible of the Lebanese company in its diversity by providing a single, social and cultural platform. The Theatre of Madina aims to promote a dialogue and to create a space of free expression at any problematic disposal of development which faces Lebanese and at the Arab companies. Theatre Al Madina is a multi-field vehicle, joining together culturally allied activities, artists, writers and intellectuals to present their work.

Main Projects / Activities

Since its foundation, Theatre Al Madina presented, promoted and encouraged a great number of cultural activities directly indicating the social problems, the cultural heritage and contemporary specificities These cultural activities aim at spreading out various prospects by a variety of means: a compounding of mediae (of documentary, films, vidéos, installations, etc.) and a number considered of conferences sets of themes and readings based on various problems indicated in the company, aiming especially: The role of the woman in the Arab company the knowledge of the Women and education Children and families the autonomisation of women, etc. CITIZENSHIP - WALK TOWARDS PEACE

Contact (1) Full Name
Mrs. Nidal Al Achkar
Head of the organisation
Mrs. Nidal Al Achkar