Al Kasaba Theatre & Cinematheque

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
  2. International/Cultural relations
General Information
Al Kasaba Theatre & Cinematheque realizes theatre productions for adults and children, organizes film screenings of Arab and international movies and hosts concerts and dance performances in Ramallah. The theatre's premises include two multi-purpose halls equipped with highly innovative sound, lighting and projection technologies, able to put on live shows and to screen films in Ramallah with a capacity of about 300 and 400 spectators respectively. Al Kasaba's activities are mainly funded by European governmental or non-governmental organizations. Al Kasaba has 16 staff members: 7 administration, 2 technicians, 6 reception and services and 9 actors (3 permanent and 6 freelance).
Mission and Objectives

Al-Kasaba Theatre & Cinematheque aims to provide comprehensive arts and cultural services to the community, and to promote cultural exchange on a local, Arab and international level. Throughout the last thirty-three years Al-Kasaba has worked hard to establish its reputation, unrivalled in the Palestinian context, primarily through its own theatre productions, as well as hosting international artists and providing activities and training across all art disciplines, for both adults and children. Its main objective is to activate the Palestinian cultural life in general, and its theatrical work in particular as well as to nurture talent in all fields of artistic and creative expression. Furthermore, Al Kasaba aims to make art and culture accessible and relevant to all sectors of society.

Main Projects / Activities

From its inception, Al Kasaba has been at the forefront of Palestinian theatre, staging sixty-five own productions (adults and children theatre) and participating in thirty-two Arab and International Festivals, garnering an array of different awards.
We host a number of international artists each year, besides staging our own performances and those of other local theatre, dance and music groups. We have three film screenings every day in Ramallah and we organize regularly international film weeks.

Contact (1) Full Name
Khaled Elayyan
Head of the organisation
George Ibrahim
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Shuruq Nimer (PR Coordinator)