Magic Factory

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البوسنة والهرسك
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+387 61 722 167
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+387 61 315 700
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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
General Information
We are very young organization which has not had an opportunity to conduct a personal projects yet. The organization consists of three members who are currently in progress. The head of the organization Boris Balta, is a professional actor and is currently Master of Science in patriarchal gender norms and stereotypes in the film BH. Ajsa Mevkić as vice president, is a graduate journalist. Nedim Hogić as the third member of the organization mastering in international law. When it comes to partner organizations, we are currently in negotiations with several of them, such as HCA-Tuzla, or the Earth of children. In general, the objectives we work on are developing the social environment, especially for youth. Projects such as the shooting of feature films, the development of gender awareness, writing, recording, publishing books, then searching for scholarships and sending young people to education will be the primary effect of our plans.
Mission and Objectives

The mission is to provide opportunities for youth activities and implement their ideas. We will also work on developing of creative mind that will seek to egalitarianism in our social systems. One of the key problems of socialization is the prevention of openness and communication among young people (in our Country). Solutions which we think is good is to open the potential of young people. We will try to make it through practical work that will later be archived and analyzed.

Main Projects / Activities

1.Recording of feature film
2.Issuance of drama in verse and rhyme
3.Recording rock album
4.Issuance the book of patriarchal norms
5.Scholarships for students

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Boris Balta
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Ajsa Mevkic