Active Culture Association (Towarzystwo Kultury Aktywnej)

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Dembowskiego 92/1
51-669 Wrocław

00 48 663 781 530
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00 48 508 121 069
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Youth and education
General Information
The Active Culture Association exists since 1998. The team (about 20 people) consists of artists, animators, therapists and volunteers cooperating permanently or only for specific projects. The formula of the Association is open, which means that members can implement their own ideas and use artistic and educational programs, but in accordance with the statute of the Organisation. The projects have often interdisciplinary, intergenerational and international form. Workshops, camps, events and festivals are organised mainly in Wroclaw. During the summer (since 1999) our workshops are held in Strużyny (village near Wrocław), where we invite children and young people to the art-camps. Our major partners are cultural institutions, foster families, boarding schools, community homes and schools from Lower Silesia. Sources of funding: Municipality of Wrocław, Youth in Action Programme, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. Revenue in 2008: income: 117044.41 PLN, costs: 119860.73 PLN
Mission and Objectives

Target group of Association are excluded and threatened by social marginalisation people. The main area of activity is art and creativity, including cultural education through theatre and literature, addressed to the inhabitants of Lower Silesia, with particular emphasis on children, youth and the elderly. One of the main objectives is to improve access to culture for groups at risk of social exclusion. Our activities focus on promoting creative, open and deprived of stereotypes attitudes (festivals, open meetings, readings, contests, performances, international projects). The beneficiaries of our actions are often senior citizens, persons who are members of minorities or from other cultures. The basic assumption of our method of social – cultural animation is meeting different cultures and generations, to help participants explore the unknown areas of their own sensibility.

Main Projects / Activities

“The Youth and Children's House of Art PajdArt” (2007-2010). The goal of project is to establish a permanent place for creative activities for children and young people who have less opportunity using the social services in the field of culture. The beneficiaries are also animators and volunteers working with children and young people from disadvantaged groups. “Games of Chance” theater project (2007 – 2009). As the result of it three performances were produced as well as a number of post-workshop shows and public readings. There has been formed a new theater group and contest for the best Modern Drama carried out. Distributor- a series of urban interventions (2008) Organising monthly readings of modern dramas with discussion. The audience of each event numbered approximately 150 people. Meetings Active Perception Imaging Arts (2007/2008) Project included workshops in various fields of art aimed at excluded and threatened by social marginalisation people.

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Aleksandra Musiał
Head of the organisation
Jolanta Sakowska
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Jolanta Sakowska