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General Information
Net Film Productions is the private company that runs !f istanbul International Independent Film Festival. It is run by two partners Serra Ciliv and Pelin Turgut who founded !f istanbul in 2001, Turkey’s first and only festival dedicated to independent cinema. !f screens mainly in Istanbul and Ankara as well as many different cities via broadcasting. During the preparation and implementation months of the festival, there are upto 70 people working for the festival. The festival's budget is provided by ticket sales, private compnaies' sponsorship, international funds, and some state funding. Net Film's main activity if !f istanbul, the film festival, which, apart from film screenings, includes workshops, lectures, music events, and other performances. !f istanbul works with more than 10 partners every year, depending on the themes of the year. Every February, it hosts some 70,000 film buffs and celebrated filmmakers from around the world
Mission and Objectives

Dedicated to investigating directions cinema is taking, the festival is based around thematic sections, which change every year. !f istanbul has an interdisciplinary outlook in creating its activities every year- merging cinema with different forms of art and activism.
In 2008, !f launched an international film competition - !f Inspired- designed to showcase emerging directors who are taking film in new directions. The competition carries a $15,000 prize for the Most Inspired Director. !f Istanbul is not only a film festival and also an intersection contact point for the audience through the films, parties, and events such as workshops, conferences, exhibitions.

Main Projects / Activities

Apart from its film screenings, !f istanbul has an international competition for young directors, a showcase for Turkish filmmakers, and extensive range of workshops and performances based on the year's themes every year. For the last two years, the festival has also been organizing !f ²: Istanbul Live- film screenings in partnership with 25 different cities' art platforms, youth groups and cultural organizations.

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Serra Ciliv
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Serra Ciliv
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Pelin Turgut