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Kışla Mah. C.Toytunç Cad. R.Büyükbaylı Apt. No:38/4 Muratpaşa/Antalya/Türkiye

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General Information
Adalya Auditing&CPA Inc. Company, currently the unique corporation on its field located in Antalya, has been run by 12 partners and staff since the establishment date 2007. The company simply aims to become the most innovative player of the private financial control market in the region (Mediterranean part of Turkey) in parallel with its corporate principles of getting sectorial leadership and sustainable fast-growing financial performance. Mr Mehmet Yolcu, Chairman of Board, and other partners/staff are all keen on working for the company to reach professional targets while expanding their own capacity of knowledge and experience in Auditing. In addition to shareholders' financial resources contributed to the company, there has been several demands for getting funded by several projects available on the market running by some of the national&regional professional organizations and bodies. The company regularly continues to arrange vocational training programs mainly on the subjects of Auditing, Legislation of Capital Markets and Commercial Law.
Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to operate with specialist crew that are determined to provide the highest-quality service in accordance with International Standards. It is also one of the fundamental aims to help business sector integrate with the International Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards towards a sustainable economic growth.

Main Projects / Activities

The company recently holds a series of vocational training activity focusing on New Commercial Law of Turkey that will be imposed on 1st of the July, 2012 and requires External Auditing for all kinds of companies over the forthcoming process. The company also seeks for international partners to enforce new projects in line with establishing firm relationships, particularly in its global region.
Our thought is that internationally standardized service should take precedence over anything else in business life and that’s the reason why we are chasing for taking a place at the Network.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

As one of the developing Mediterranean countries, Turkey have an urgent need for closer global relationships with other members of the region.
Besides to conduct joint business projects boosting to local economy, our company aims to imply some social responsibility projects that are supposed to benefit local community.
The company would have honour to be a part of the integration process between AFL Network and Turkey, while profiting from the activity.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

As a firm operating in a Mediterranean country, we strongly consider the importance of international cooperation to both professional and cultural development.
Having an innovative approach to understanding of business simply lays the foundations for our eagerness to join the ALF Network.
We hopefully believe that being a part of the ALF would make a major contribution to both our work and the power of the network.

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Onur Yolcu
Head of the organisation
Mehmet Yolcu, Mr