Arab Theatre Training Centre (ATTC)

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‎Lebanese University of Beirut, Koraytem, Beirut
Beirut 1102 2801

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
General Information
The center is managed by four board members, an executive director wand the assistance of several consultants. The board members are Hussein Rifai (Bahrain), Dr. Hanan Kassab Hassan (Syria),Mona Knio (Lebanon),Wassim Kurdi (Palestine),Krystel Khoury(Lebanon)and executive director Raed Asfour(Jordan). Our main funder today is the SIDA and the institutions we cooperate with to organize the workshops. The ATTC established links with organizations who have contributed to the achievement of the center's objectives. Some of them are: SIDA, the Ford Foundation, ALISSAR, AAFA, Jesuit cultural center, the Lebanese American University, Al Madina Theatre, Darat al Funoun, The Swiss Development Agency, the Japan Foundation, amongst others.
Mission and Objectives

The ATTC aims at creating a training and learning environment to develop the technical, artistic, and managerial capacities of young people active in the field of performing arts in the Arab world.

Contribute towards creating an environment conducive to creativity in the field of the performing arts.

Motivate and push forward the training movement in the Arab world.

Develop the technical, artistic, and managerial capacities of young artists and animators.

Promote and encourage dialogue and communication amongst institutions, animators and artists in the field of the performing arts.

Contribute to the renovation and establishment of alternative spaces for performance and training.

Compile and provide information on training and activities of interest to activists in the performing arts.

Encourage the translation and publication of books and studies in the fields of training and the performing arts.

Promote partnerships and cooperation with Arab and international organizations working in training.

Main Projects / Activities

ATTC organizes workshops, meetings, and seminars in the performing arts field in the Arab world. The centre also contributes towards supporting organizations and groups focusing on training through providing facilities, services, consultation, or material support. Several workshops in the performing arts were organized in different Arab countries in cooperation with a variety of artistic organizations and groups following needs assessment using various measurement tools. The topics of the workshops vary from lighting design to movment of actors, stage make-up, sound design etc.

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Dr. Mona Knio
Head of the organisation
Dr. Mona Knio