Cerealia 2023: Celebrating Mediterranean Heritage & Sustainable Cultures - 13th Edition, Rome

The picture showes two woman celebrating cereals

Cerealia. Cerealia Festival. Ceres and the Mediterranean, is an annual, international event founded by the Italian cultural association Music Theatre International-M.Th.I. ETS in 2011.
The Festival is dedicated to all cereals and inspired by the rituals celebrated in ancient Rome, between April and June. Over the years it has twinned with the following countries: Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Morocco, Malta, Tunisia, Jordan and the European Union.

The 13th edition will take place in Rome and other Italian cities from September 16 to October 31, 2023 and will be dedicated to the Republic of Slovenia.

The core topics of the event will be: culture, society, economy, food and gastronomy, environment, land and landscape, tourism, collective identities, and shared memories among the peoples bordering the Mediterranean. Besides raising awareness of land customs and traditions, the Festival will be a great opportunity for participants who are interested in exploring cultural interchange at various levels, addressing issues such as sustainable models of circular economy, environment, food and wine, tourism and social innovation practices aimed at safeguarding the Mediterranean ecosystem.

For additional info and contacts, please refer to the following link https://www.cerealialudi.org and email address cerealialudi@cerealialudi.org.