“Citizen Journalism Academy for Youth”

Maat and Citizen Journalism Academy for Youth

Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights continued the activities of the local training of “Citizen Journalism Academy for Youth” Project in Cairo in the period from from 22 to 24 May 2023. 

The training that gathered 25 young men and women, in the presence of the project’s international partners from (Bulgaria & Greece), aims at promoting youth work in journalism through basic concepts related to citizen journalism and the importance of citizen journalism as a tool for community participation, the danger of false news and misleading information on society and raised the skills of the participating youth on the effective means to verify the validity of information, news and online content.

In addition the training stressed on the importance of leadership and how to mobilize and build an interactive audience and propaganda activities. Partcipants discussed how to create awareness campaigns, in addition to increasing participants’ knowledge about different points of view, and developing critical and journalistic thinking skills, by promoting cooperation and exchanging ideas and solutions among participants.