Talkin' 'bout My Generation

Intercultural Morning Coffee intergenerational dialogue

Welcome to our upcoming Intercultural Morning Coffee on intergenerational dialogue - Talkin' 'bout My Generation!

In our next Intercultural Morning Coffee, we will talk about the importance of intergenerational dialogue as a means of prevention and creating solutions to our global problems. How can leadership and power be shared between generations? What are the most common stereotypes that exist between generations? How do we counter ageism? How do we gain access to the filter bubbles around each generation? 

Our guest Speakers are: Erike Tanghöj (Deputy Director, Swedish Dialogue Institute for the Middle East and North Africa), Imane Doues (Founder of @northafricanorigin) and Garba Diallo (Director, Crossing Borders).

We invite you to join us at the next Intercultural Morning Coffee on 11 May at 08.45 - 09.45 CET

This is a chance to meet colleagues in the ALF Networks and beyond who share similar concerns and to be part of a wide-ranging discussion about the role of intergenerational dialogue in building a sustainable future.

The Morning Coffee is moderated by Denise L Mellion, River of Light (Gothenburg) and ALF Swedish network advisory committee member.

Language: English

Open to Anna Lindh Foundation network members and beyond.

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