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peace project

Education is the first bastion for students to evolve with healthy and constructive approaches in which their empathy and compassion are developed. Moreover, skills such as conflict management and conflict resolution are more and more seeked out by teachers and youth workers who want to be able to thrive in their work with students and therefore have proper tools to rely on. 

To respond to this latent need, ALDA presents to you the PEACE project  - which full title is “Peace Education as a Tool for Effective Conflict Management in Secondary Schools” , funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme. The project consortium consists of four associations and three universities from four  different countries: France, Türkiye, Portugal and Slovenia. The project aims to create an inclusive learning environment and to reduce violence by providing the necessary skills and knowledge to teachers and other educators to integrate Peace Education into their respective teaching experiences, providing students with the appropriate vocabulary, opportunities for practice and peaceful problem solving-skills.

The first deliverable consists of an Educational Framework based on a needs assessment (of teachers and students) and a literature review. This innovative handbook provides an overview of the state of school environments for teachers and students around the globe. It focuses on a thorough assessment of teachers' and students knowledge and needs regarding peace education. In parallel, the document presents the already existing good practices developed by different institutions from around the world and assesses different types of teaching methodologies that can be used in Peace Education.  

You can find this handbook here!

Our main deliverable will be an Online Course which will come out next fall and an Online Community to share good practices between formal and informal educators. 

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