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06420 Çankaya/Ankara

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General Information

The aims of Çorum Evcikuzkışla (Kuzeyköy) Village Culture and Solidarity Association
To contribute to the basic human rights and freedoms systems, the world, the devices, especially our city, the economic, ecological, social, cultural and societal host against all kinds of negativities. Develop. These building parts do not occur. To live socially and culturally, to make these associations, to develop and implement projects.

Mission and Objectives

Principle: A more humane, livable environment by accepting international human rights as a basis. To raise awareness of its members for a more democratic and free world understanding.
Special purpose: To provide material and moral cooperation and development among its members in the light of this principle in economic, social, cultural, political, legal, educational and similar issues, To contribute to cultural diversity by undertaking the transfer of local cultures to future generations.
General purpose: It aims to contribute to the economic, ecological, social, cultural and societal development of the world in the context of basic human rights and freedoms, despite all kinds of adversities.

Main Projects / Activities

It was founded in 1995. It is a member of the Çorum Hittite Associations Federation, Balance and Supervision Network.
His activities and activities: Theatrical play called Scream. Watching the movie Truth. Art activity on Education and Teacher. Art event in September. Philosophy interview. Urgup Goreme Trip, Youth Camp. Human Rights interview. Women's Rights Conversation. Psychological interview on Confronting Fear. Psychological interview named Ways of Coping with Stress. Panel on violence. Conversation on the Right to Water. Art activity on grinding. Interview on Cancer and Health.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

By producing projects to protect the security measures in our area of ​​​​interest and moving forward with their features and the members of the federation and confederation associations we left behind, and their participation in the democracy of the surrounding countries.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

I participated in your work on behalf of another association that I am the manager of. Because we believe that their goals and fields of work are compatible with us, and that we will contribute to the rapprochement between countries and peoples and to the destruction of hostilities and alienations.

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Hürdoğan Aydoğdu
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Hürdoğan Aydoğdu