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Associazione Culturale Raizes is a cultural association that promotes human rights, equality and brotherhood through the arts.
Raizes organizes and directs Human Freedom, a year long program which promotes human rights through artistic and performative activities, photographic exhibitions, video installations and conferences.
The Global Campus of Human Rights in Venice is a stable partner. In the last two years Raizes has also collaborated with Columbia University, the University of Palermo, the University of Roma Tre, the Council of Europe, the Sicilian Region, the EU Human Rights Agency in Wien.

In the USA, Raizes won the International Human Rights Art Festival of New York, and cooperates with Breaking Walls, NGO of Manhattan and is a member of CIPA New York.

The main sources of funding are Italian regional public funds, the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and the Erasmus Program by the European Commission.

Mission and Objectives

Raizes Teatro, promotes human rights through artistic and creative activities. Raizes' activities are divided into three categories:

- Production of original creative and artistic contents inspired by true stories of deprivation of Fundamental Rights or success cases
- Non-formal education activities through the arts on democratic participation and civil rights
- Creation of international awareness campaigns on: LGBTQ rights, Climate Justice, Freedom of Expression, Gender Equality, Disabilities, Democracy, Migration

Main Projects / Activities

Raizes annually directs Human Freedom, a program structured in 6 thematic campaigns that vary according to partners and objectives.

Each campaign includes a play, a short film, a conference, an educational activity, a photographic or video campaign, on each topic.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Raizes Teatro has an innovative and original approach to artistic production and rights, which Raizes consider to be part of the daily life of citizens, for this reason the company often makes use of non-theatrical or non-cultural, therefore unconventional, places, thus contributing to the redevelopment of living spaces, online and live, shared by citizens. Furthermore, many of the activities are established in collaboration with the partners in order to also strengthen their communication and advocacy activities.
Raizes believes in networking and collaboration, as well as the complementarity of activities. Being part of the Network can strengthen the production and distribution capacity of Raizes and also enrich the activities of the other partners with the pursuit of shared objectives.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

ALF is a leading foundation promoting civil rights and creating change around the world. For us it would be very important to be able to stay in contact with ALF and with the members of the foundation and the participants of the Network in order to increase our work capacity and to produce change especially with the youngest who today more than ever need the support of society civilization in order to better manage this era of change.

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