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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Research
  5. Youth and education
General Information

ABARKA ONGD is created to serves the community by seeking solution to problems and designing actions to prevent issues trough formal and non-formal education activities. ABARKA gathers together stakeholders such as trainers, facilitators, youth, social workers, youth policy makers, experts, volunteers and donors in different environments nationally and internationally. ABARKA is registered under Spanish law with charity Nº: AS/B/19631/2015 and hold the National Identification Number: G95836847 The focus of ABARKA is: At local level: • Empower youth and youth structures through the development of initiatives to support personal, social and cultural development, with a focus on active citizenship, civic education, promotion of youth participation, intercultural learning and a community-centred approach through formal, informal and non-formal education methodologies. • To promote equal educational, volunteering and labour opportunities for all, particular attention is given to hard-to-reach groups; • Balanced integration of different ethnic groups by transnational projects and activities taking into account the multilingual character of the European Union and the need to include underrepresented groups; • Promotes the intercultural dialogue, international exchange of knowledge and awareness through the active participation of young people; At international level: • Promoting lifelong learning volunteering as a tool to adapt to the constant changes and to achieve personal and professional growth; • Involving youth in international educational, scientific, cultural exchange programs; • Promoting intercultural dialogue through different initiatives and programmes, involving in Erasmus + and other EU initiatives. • Initiate projects and programs that develop opportunities for mutual understanding, intercultural learning, solidarity, societal engagement and volunteering; • Supporting projects promoted by transnational partnerships and networks directly involving citizens and raise the engagement of communities. Our target groups: Our beneficiaries, members and supporters are kids, teens, youth, youth workers, social workers, social volunteers, students, professors and social activists, companies, communities in developing countries. We also focus on people with fewer opportunities - cultural, social and geographical obstacles. Our targeting range of ages vary from 4 years old and up to 60 years old.

Mission and Objectives

ABARKA Mission Statement “To improve the lives of the people without border and in a meaningful way, with sensitivity to the international environment and culture in respect to the local realities.” The aims and goals of this Association are: • Cooperation for Development: develop actions and seek funding to improve education, health, sanitation, food, entrepreneurship and comprehensive training in Africa; with special focus on women and children. • Humanitarian Action: encourage citizen participation, cultural exchange and promote volunteerism North-North and from North to South. • Integration and Sustainability: To advise local authorities on development cooperation and international relations, likewise, promote social and professional integration of immigrants and socially excluded groups in Euskadi.

Main Projects / Activities

ctivities and Experience The activities of this association are: • In Spain:  Promote the recognition of young people’s skills and learning acquired through participation in youth work activities;  Raise the visibility of youth work, its impact on young people’s lives and its contribution to society.  Organizing social awareness campaigns.  Fundraising and financing for projects in Africa.  Advice and support in development projects in European Union, Neighboured Countries and Africa.  Organize and promote activities and events to publicize the projects of the Association.  To sensitize the public about volunteering and cooperation work.  Collection and delivery of material from Europe to Africa.  To promote cultural exchange between people of Africa and Europe.  Advice and support to public authorities, schools, companies and other associations for the effective integration of immigrants in Euskadi.  Raise awareness and train immigrants to adapt in Basque society. • In Cameroon: Since 2011, we have succeeded to organize more than 10 micro-projects based on cooperation for development with the participation of more than 54 international volunteers and 18 national volunteers. About 20 different cultures worldwide have participated to our projects focusing on:  Promotion of Information Technology and Communication  Promotion of health and education for responsible sexuality.  Promotion of intercultural exchange and language for development of mindsets  Promotion of entrepreneurship and leadership among youth.  Promotion of social responsibility with communities’ projects. In general, ABARKA work on promotion of societal engagement and solidarity: activities promoting debate/campaigns/actions on the themes of common interest in the larger framework of the rights; research and publication of informational materials and collaboration with organizations, institutions and individuals in the country and abroad. Further, we are organizing workshops, seminars, conferences and other national and international meetings on general and specific issues of the objectives of the organisation. ABARKA is very active in the organization of education, training and retraining programs which aim at improving, developing and broadening knowledge, skills and competences.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We have professional youth leaders, youth workers and trainers in our organization, who can support the young people. Professional experts in our organization have background in various fields and all of them are working in the field of non-formal education, health, cooperation for development, social and solidarity economy, rural entrepreneurship, youth development, children education. We make a lot of international cooperation projects, so we have good background experience in intercultural learning topics, leadership empowerment, personal development, human rights education, conflict management, organizational management, social inclusion, tolerance and migration issues and everything which is connected to youth with fewer opportunities in our activities.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are interested in expanding our network and connect to the world. We believe that we need each other to grow and sustain our actions on the field. The ALF Network will give us this tranquility and help us improve our quality of service to our community.

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Clotaire Mesmin Ntienou Tchiengue
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Head of the organisation
Clotaire Mesmin Ntienou Tchiengue
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Naroa Ibargoyen Gonzalez
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