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General Information
72 Hour Urban Action is the founding body of the world's first real-time architecture competition. The inaugural event took place during the Bat-Yam Biennale of Landscape Architecture in 2010 to much acclaimed success. The event and network of professionals are ran by co-directors Arch. Kerem Halbrecht and Cultural Planner Gilly Karjevsky. Events are funded on a local level and per need by local government. The event drew 122 participants from 20 countries and created a vast network of like-minded urban dwellers with a passion for action.
Mission and Objectives

Beyond the production of our core event we are travelling to partner cities during 2011 to hold a series of talks, workshops and meetings that present the project and its subversive mode of urban action. Projects values and issues are discussed in an open debate about the potential of this competition. These values have been established through a unique international network of architects and designers committed to research and challenge the main goals in the heart of the event:
Encourage affirmative action in space.
Motivate independent urban entrepreneurship.
Change public perception towards public space.
Redefine the relationship between local government, local residents and the general public.

Main Projects / Activities

72 Hour Urban Action is a rapid architecture and design festival. Under the constraints of a tight schedule, limited budget and a defined site selected teams are given three days and nights to design and build projects in the public realm, in response to local needs.
72 Hour Urban Action's inaugural event took place at the 2010 Bat-Yam Biennale of Landscape Urbanism and was sponsored by the city of Bat-Yam. 122 participants from 19 countries arrived at their own expense to the city of Bat-Yam to work and create projects in collaboration with local authority and residents. The event got international exposure in various media and was celebrated on the pages of the New-York Times.

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Gilly Karjevsky
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Kerem Halbrecht