The SoPHIA Model

The SoPHIA model

Economia della Cultura is the quarterly magazine of the Associazione per l'Economia della Cultura, which aims to explore the economic dimension of art and culture both in Italy and internationally. Its XXXII edition focuses on the presentation and analysis of the results of the “Social Platform for Holistic Impact Heritage Assessment: The SoPHIA Model” (2020 – 2021), a project implemented by a consortium made up of 7 organisations and institutions – Interarts among them – and funded by the European Union Framework Program for Research and Innovation.

The project consortium and its network of professionals collaborated to create the SoPHIA Model and the corresponding recommendations for future public policies and lines of research. Its holistic nature, developed from 3 concepts (sectors, people and time) related to key elements of development – ​​sustainability and resilience – is what allows its adaptation and future applicability to different European contexts.

The monograph includes 5 chapters in which the challenges and gaps of existing models in terms of impact assessment of interventions in cultural heritage are analysed; the conceptual framework of the SoPHIA model is explained; the conclusions of the 12 case studies that were carried out and that helped to finalise the model are presented; the SoPHIA model and its implementation mechanism are explained; and the role of the "community of practices" that supported the development of the model is analysed.

These chapters have been elaborated by the different teams of the consortium organisations: Interarts and the European Museum Academy elaborated the chapter  "The SoPHIA Social Platform: A new community of practice."

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