National Network

Rr. Loni Ligori, Kompleksi ILAD, Kulla 3, Ap.10

Mobile Phone
+355 (0) 693181508
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Gender
  2. Heritage
  3. Human rights
  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  5. International/Cultural relations
  6. Media
  7. Others
  8. Religion
  9. Research
  10. Youth and education
General Information

-Organization structure: ACFD is directed by a Board of Directors with 5 persons: 1 (one) chairman and 4 (four) members, which are professionals in different sectors health sector, NGO, etc. Executive director (1 person), Finance officer (1 person), project coordinator (1 person) and over 30 volunteers. ACFD is backed by very professional staff who have served for many years different social groups with integrity, commitment and strong work ethics. -Annual revenues 15.000 Euro -Source of Funding: National and International Agencies, Government Authorities -Modalities: conferences, trainings, studies, researches, workshops, exhibitions, roundtables, monitoring, social and legal services to vulnerable groups; - Main partners: municipalities, local NGOs, different faculties in public and private Universities, business sector, media sector, informal groups, networks;

Mission and Objectives

Vision: For a healthy and empowered family of equal members! Mission: To provide a better future for families through the development of programs in the field of health, wellbeing and safety of life, positive parenting, development of skills adapted to labour market, family entrepreneurship and provision of specific psycho-social and legal services in support and in the interest of the Albanian family. Our objectives are to contribute to Economic and Social Empowerment of the Families; Health and Wellbeing; Positive Parenting and Education of Children; Gender Equality, Diversity and Non-Discrimination; Youth and Volunteering;

Main Projects / Activities

Some of our main projects are: 1. The project ‘Awareness Raising and Promotion activities under Five International Days'', aimed to contribute to civil society, vulnerable groups, business, religious community etc through organizing different awareness raising activities under Five International Days implemented in Tirana during the period December 2017 – December 2018. This project is supported by Heath Pharma Solution Albania and Vitabiotics Albania. 2. The project ‘Be my Family!’ aimed to increase the knowledge and level of information of community areas in Tirana local units, social local staff, child protection units, through informing and awareness sessions and continuous assistance to make them soft skilled to work with community mobilization as foster families; To increase the sensitivity of the community by raising awareness on foster care’s importance to endangered children and by establishing a positive and practical model of community involvement in this service; This project is implemented during January – June 2019 and supported by Children SOS Villages Albania 3. National training and conference titled “Values of supplements and vitamins according physic ability, disfunctions or life styles’ supported by Heath Pharma Solution Albania and Vitabiotics Albania. 140 health sector professionals took part in this activity. 4. Project ‘The mystery of Albanian cultural heritage through Puzzle game experience’ is implemented during March – June 2021 and supported by the Ministry of Culture in Albania. This project aimed to promote cultural and historical heritage to children through digital exploration and puzzle games. Also, it is oriented with the aim to knowledge, maintain and transmit Albanian culture and its values innovatively and practically.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

- To offer its expertise, experience, recommendations to ALF meetings; - To promote ALF’s mission and focus to other local NGOs non partner of ALF; - To organize different events on diversity and intercultural dialogue, capacity building training on other thematic areas - to contribute to increasing the capacity of family members (with priority marginalized families) in social and economic terms - to contribute to capacity building, awareness and information to family members about the care and importance of having an effective health and well-being.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

To build new bridges of cooperation with new local NGOs and partners in the EURO-MED. To share experiences and positive models; To join projects on intercultural dialogue. To have a deep understating of cultures in EUROMED zones

Contact (1) Full Name
Eranda Ndregjoni
Job Title
Executive director
Head of the organisation
Eranda Ndregjoni