Campanh'UP - Social and Community Communication Platform

Visões Úteis

In September, the Campanh'UP project commenced, funded by the Collaborative Budget. This initiative followed the signing of a protocol with the Campanhã Parish Council in August.

Campanh'UP is a social and community communication platform located in Campanhã. Its primary goal is to activate mobilization and participation processes through young communicators. These communicators promote co-created and co-dynamized interactions involving people and institutions in Campanhã, with the aim of integrated parish development. Campanh'UP seeks to stimulate cultural activities, support training processes, initiate co-creation efforts, preserve and enhance the territory and its heritage, and contribute to the sustainability of participatory processes.

This project is an integral part of the Novos Percursos para Campanhã initiative and was conceived within the framework of the URBiNAT project. It focuses on local participation, fostering co-created and co-dynamized communication and interaction among the local taskforce partners and other involved stakeholders.

The project's executive committee has Visões Úteis as one of their partners, which is a member of Anna Lindh Foundation's Portuguese Network. The remaining partners are Fios e Desafios, CES - Centro de Estudos Sociais, APPC - Associação do Porto de Paralisia Cerebral, Sinergias.

Visões Úteis, an artistic project based in Porto and founded in 1994, originated in the theater but has since expanded into various other forms of expression, including Performance in the Landscape and Community Performance. Its primary mission revolves around artistic creation, encompassing programming, both national and international circulation, publishing, audience development, research, and training. The project places a strong emphasis on fostering innovation and promoting a dynamic dialogue between the aesthetic and the ethical, making it a continually evolving endeavor.

Established by former members of the university theater group CITAC, Visões Úteis has engaged in collaborations with various directors and presented works from a diverse array of authors. Subsequently, the project shifted its focus towards research, dramaturgical creation, and the production of original performances. Beyond these aspects of artistic creation, the project has diversified its activities, delving into the urban landscape and Community Performance, while also venturing into international markets and embracing digital creativity.

Recognized with the Gold Medal of Cultural Merit from the City of Porto in 2020, Visões Úteis relocated to Campanhã, expanding its programming in partnership with the Porto City Council. Under the leadership of Carlos Costa and a dedicated team, Visões Úteis continues to influence the arts scene with a substantial portfolio of productions, all aimed at promoting dialogue and innovation within the cultural realm.