ALF Civil Society Network action for intercultural cities and learning


With the aim to support the ALF Civil Society Network in the implementation of intercultural dialogue action, the ALF launched a Call and is currently coordinating and funding 31 projects led by Heads of Network and Network members across different cities of the EuroMed region. 


Cities are on the frontline for promoting diversity, inclusiveness, social cohesion, and sustainable development and the coronavirus pandemic has even deepened some of the existing social challenges. Thus within its Intercultural Cities and Learning Programme, the Anna Lindh Foundation launched: 

The Intercultural Cities and Learning – Call for civil society organisations

If you are a Head or Member of the ALF civil society Network you can find out more on the Service Call here. The last day to respond was on 2 October 2021 at 23:59 Egypt time (GMT +2). 

Please find the corrigendum here.


ALF Network Intercultural Dialogue Action

Tirana, Albania #ALFCitiesInDialogue - Mind the Language

Monastir, Tunisia #ALFCitiesInDialogue - Podcasting to prevent Gender Stereotypes

Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina #ALFCitiesInDialogue - Theater in Times of Crisis: A place where people dream

Athens, Greece #ALFCitiesInDialogue - Intercultural Dialogue in the City of Athens

Athens, Greece #ALFCitiesInDialogue - Tolerance (s) in Dialogue


Activities Highlights

09-21 November 2021

22-28 November 2021

29 November - 5 December 2021

6-12 December 2021