Meeting of ALF Management with the Belgian Network of the ALF

ALF ED meeting with the Belgian HoN

On 30 June, Mr. Josep Ferré, the ALF Executive Director met with the team of the Compagnie des Nouveaux Disparus in Brussels, the coordinator of the ALF Belgian Network. The meeting served as an opportunity to present the work and projects of the Belgian Network and to discuss the vision and development of the ALF for the upcoming 3 years. 

Les Nouveaux Disparus, Head of the ALF Belgian Network

Les Nouveaux Disparus is a Belgian not-for-profit travelling theatre that has developed an extensive range of activities over the years. And what do they have in common? Their aim is to promote and implement cultural democracy. Les Nouveaux Disparus has been the Head of the Belgian Network since 2019. Specifically, this means that it represents Belgium at the Foundation, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the meetings and projects with other ALF national networks. At a national level, it brings together communities with its members, initiates major projects every two years, provides support to its members and puts them in touch with the international associations, for example.

The priority of Les Nouveaux Disparus is to maintain relations with the members of the network and encourage exchanges with foreign organisations.

More than 100 members 

The Belgian Network includes organisations that are active in the following areas: 

  • Social 
  • Culture 
  • Environment 
  • Youth 
  • Education 
  • Human rights 
  • Employment 
  • Training 
  • Health 

Objectives of the Network

The Belgian Network has several objectives that are directly related to the three main principles of the Foundation: 

  • To promote trans-Mediterranean intercultural dialogue, in particular by participating in the EuroMed projects. 
  • To bring together and inspire other civil societies and therefore increase impact, for example by linking up with the Foundation’s other networks. 
  • To build capacity by canvassing new associations to become members of the Foundation and therefore best represent the diversity of civil society.