Highlighted activities implemented from October to December 2020 in Croatia

The National Foundation for Civil Society Development, a Croatian HoN, launched a Call for the Expression of Interest on Nov 11, intended to establish cooperation of national HoNs with the National Foundation and the Anna Lindh Foundation in the field of education and knowledge exchange in the Euro-Mediterranean. The Call was focusing on a Training Program that will be offered by IMPACT: Euro-Mediterranean Academy of Philanthropy and Society Development, Zadar - Croatia, and is directed to National ALF member organisations.

As a result of the process, one application from each country with ALF National Network will be accepted - up to 41 in total. In case of receiving more applications from one country, providing that there are no applications from some other countries, it is possible to approve participation in the Training Programme for more than one person from the national ALF network (with the exception of the Republic of Croatia, where the procedure has already taken place).

The idea behind this Call was to open the possibility for people who are (potential or existing) change-makers in their local communities to join the IMPACT Academy in order to learn, improve his/her abilities and chose among the relevant options for self-sustainability and the quality of life.

However, the selection process starts with the questionnaire (in English or French language) that is tailored in order to give the applicants a chance to share their view/experience in the related area. The best participants would then be selected, in cooperation between a relevant HoN and the National Foundation, leading to a training opportunity, be it online or physical one - depending on the situation.

The IMPACT: Euro-Mediterranean Academy for Philanthropy and Social Development was established in Zagreb, in order to implement the educational activities, mainly education and trainings (up-skilling) in the premises in both Zagreb and Zadar, Croatia. It is an officially registered educational institution, certified by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, and it started it's operations. The Academy was founded by the European Foundation for Philanthropy and Society Development and supported by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. The goal of the Academy is the education for the development of philanthropy, foundations, social innovations, local community, social entrepreneurship, digital civil society and cross-sectoral cooperation. The Academy offers official certificate to the scholars, that is to be issued by the Academy and that is recognised in all of the EU states. First activity of the Academy will be an educational pilot-program starting on 18 Jan 2021 for 41 participants in the framework of the ongoing programme entitled ‘Community Potential’.