MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico

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Calle Hermanos Pinzón 68-4-3
04005 Almeria Almería

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General Information

Located in the historic center of Almería, our pioneering multidisciplinary space in the city, is an Andalusian benchmark in the production, promotion and exhibition center of contemporary art that was founded by Fernando Barrionuevo, artist and curator, in 1988.
From MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico we organize exhibitions in different art spaces and museums, in addition to our own art center and that we combine with literary and musical meetings, workshops and various performances.

Mission and Objectives

Our mission is based on improving the foundations of contemporary artistic culture and for this we have a wide catalog of national and international programs and projects that materialize in exhibitions, international contemporary art biennials, city projects, educational workshops, training actions, learning and training, cooperation and networking meetings, congresses, art fairs and symposiums.

Main Projects / Activities

Our values ​​are centered on solid principles such as quality, protection, public recognition and tolerance. In this sense, we put into practice an arduous work of continuous promotion of new artistic trends, support for young talents, dissemination of professional artists, continuous training in education both in the arts and in the development of strategies, collaboration with public and private entities. and very specifically the promotion of artistic internationalization.

From MECA we have coordinated international Contemporary Art programs in countries such as France, Belgium, Japan, Brazil, Oman, Argentina, USA (New York and Miami), China, Portugal or Italy.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can provide our space, art gallery for exhibitions and meetings as well as artistic coaching and exhibition curating services. We also have another space in the rural environment in the Alpujarra of Granada that we would also contribute. We can also hold experimental contemporary art and video art meetings

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We consider that it is a very important space to establish synergies between the different member countries

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Rosa Muñoz Bustamante
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Program Director
Head of the organisation
Fernando Barrionuevo