Czech Council on Foreign Relations

National Network
Czech Republic

Apolinářská 6,
Praha 2, 128 00

+420 737612808
Organisation Type
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
General Information
THE CZECH COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS is a non-governmental organization. It provides a setting for joint reflection on the European and global context of our existence. The speakers, guests, participants in the debates and authors of its publications express their private opinions. The Council is active mainly through its Club. Club members meet on a regular basis to exchange information and engage in discussions among themselves and with guests. Each meeting is introduced by a renowned Czech or foreign politician, diplomat, businessman, artist, scholar or other public personality. The Chatham House Rule is applied.
Mission and Objectives

The Council stimulates the interest of young people in the international relations. It supports different student activities and invites students for the Club meetings.
The Council published several books on international relations, e.g. the report of the Commission on Global Governance „Our Global Neighbourhood“, „The Great Misunderstanding“, „The Czech Republik and the European Union“ or „The Czech-German Relations after the Fall of Iron Curtain“.

Main Projects / Activities

Successful development of our society depends on our active participation in the dynamic processes of globalization. Our membership in the European Union opens new chances for our creative engagement. The new volume on „The Relations between Serbia and Montenegro“ is the first of prepared publications on topical issues of the Czech performance on the international scene.

Contact (1) Full Name
Jirina Dienstbierova
Head of the organisation
Jiříina Diensbierova