Committee of the Carnival of Hammarkullen

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Bredfjällsgatan 28
424 35 Angered

+46 31 330 96 40
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+46-701-750 812
+46 31 330 96 46
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+ 46 706 - 58 53 96
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+ 46 701 75 08 12
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. International/Cultural relations
General Information
1. Carnivals committee is a non-profit organization. The committee is part of an umbrella organisation HAM-SAM (Hammarkullen associations’ council). The members of the committee are volunteers. One person is employed full time to work with the organisation of the carnival. 2. Budget: 1,5 million 3. The activities are financed by the local and regional government and private companies. 4. Cultural exchanges associations with other countries,ex. Kurdistan Regional government and Bulgaria. Work with cultural projects financed for the regional government and seminars. 5. West Sweden regional government, City of Gothenburg , ABF and Vuxenskolan- Adult educational associations GP - Gothenburgs news paper
Mission and Objectives

The committee has the responsibility to draw up guidelines for the forthcoming carnival and to produce and coordinate the program of the year as well as all contact with media – tv, radio, and news papers. The committee participates in different programs in collaboration with the groups and associations participant in the carnival. Our vision - The carnival of Hammarkullen shall with dancing and enjoyment unite people regardless of background or religion. Our common values- We dance for tolerance, enjoyment and social fellowship- The carnival bring together people and creates enjoyment. The carnival inspires and develops cultural plurality. The carnival is a nation-, age- and genderless cultural meeting point

Main Projects / Activities

Planning, coordination and implementation of the years carnival Cultural projects in collaboration with cultural workers and cultural non-profit associations from the neighborhood Cultural projects in collaboration with schools and kindergardens from the neighborhood. Exhibitions about the history of the carnival and the carnival as expression of the cultural heritage of the new Swedish citizens.

Contact (1) Full Name
Tony Parath
Head of the organisation
Tony Parath
Contact (2) Full Name
Gloria Esteban