Blå Stället Culture Center

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Angereds Torg 13
424 65 Gothenburg

+46 (0)31 365 17 00
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Organisation Type
Public Institution
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Environment/Sustainable development
  4. Gender
  5. Heritage
  6. Human rights
  7. International/Cultural relations
  8. Media
  9. Youth and education
General Information

The Culture Center Blå Stället opened in 1979 as Sweden’s first Culture Center located in a suburb, Angered in Gothenburg. It is operated on behalf of the City of Gothenburg and open to all visitors. Over the years the layout of the building has changed, at present there is an art gallery, a studio for craft and art activities, a media lab, a stage for performances, a dance studio, a cinema, and conference rooms. There is also open space for activities in the foyer and in the surrounding park.

Indoors, Blå Stället co-exists with a branch of the City library, a civic information office, the independent theatre Angereds teater, the high school Angereds Gymnasium, the independent cinema Folkets bio and a café/restaurant Kultur på Burk.

A large part of the Blå Stället program is set in collaboration with local organisations, schools and institutions, artists' organizations, museums and educational associations. In addition to the set program, space can be hired for meetings, conferences and parties. Facebook page: and

Mission and Objectives

Blå Stället shall act as a creative and democratic meeting place where citizens, cultural actors, cultural entrepreneurs, artists, associations and social companies can meet to contribute to cultural, social and economic development and education. In Angered over 100 languages are spoken; and Blå Stället’s perspective is intercultural. “Inclusion” is a key word. Blå Stället follows the general objectives of the Angered municipality: to improve public health, security and the school results, and mirrors the Gothenburg Cultural Program for democracy, freedom of speech and human rights. Though located in Angered, Blå Stället’s aim is to be relevant for the whole city.

Main Projects / Activities

Blå Stället’s programme is for people of all ages, The wide variety in activities provide “something for everyone”, both to explore one’s own creativity and to take part of the ideas of professional artists, cultural actors, researchers and activists.  The programme includes exhibitions by professional and non-professional artists, music, theatre, film and media, craft, debates, philosophy, literature and more. A large number of activities are for children activities, with additional program over the school breaks.

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Madelen Lundin
Job Title
Program coordinator
Head of the organisation
Elisabeth George
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Emma Corkhill
Job Title (2)
Exhibitions Curator