Action Art/Εικαστική Δράση

National Network

Filikis Eterias 33
54621 Thessaloniki

Organisation Type
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Heritage
General Information

Action Art/Eikastiki Drasi is a non-profit civil association, founded in 2009 by people with experience and knowledge in the field of the art of narration, of education, and in the development of voluntary work in social and cultural issues. Their motivation for the founding of the body was their vision to contribute to the revival and propagation of Global Heritage, namely fairy tales, the democratization of Art, contributing to the encouragement of cultural and social participation of children, youngsters, and adults, to the development of voluntary action, and to the exchange of experiences and information in order to promote non-formal and informal learning. Some of our actions include training, seminars, educational programs, and performances. For the materialization of the above we cooperate with groups or individuals, bodies and NGOs in Greece and abroad. The funding of the programs and actions in progress derives from the members’ contribution, donations, and sponsorships by other bodies such as the Municipality or by the private sector etc.

Mission and Objectives

• The propagation of Oral Heritage, and the contribution to the restoration of the social and pedagogical function of the fairy tale • The propagation of the non-formal and informal learning • Young people’s encouragement to participate in cultural creation • The development of actions for vulnerable groups • The promotion of multicultural projects for foreign young people, and immigrants aiming at the building of communication, solidarity, and peaceful coexistence • The promotion of the importance of volunteering • The contribution to the forming of a strategy for the political groups of the young in Greece • The development of cooperation between bodies, and NGOs in Greece or in

Main Projects / Activities

Projects in Greece: • Τhere is experience in planning and setting of narration festivals which include multilingual narration, performances, seminars, and round tables. • Narrations, and visual educational projects at schools, museums, other bodies, and NGOs • Teachers’ training in fairy tale narration • Participation in festivals with narrations and workshops • Participation with multilingual narrations, workshops, and lectures in festivals, conventions and symposia on Multilingualism Cooperation with bodies and networks of other countries: • Participation in International Fairy Tales Festivals • Cooperation with foreign narrators in order to organize seminars on Narrator Training • Cooperation with the Ateliers de la rue Raisin, a NGO into programs and actions to propagate Global Oral Heritage, Art, and the non-formal and informal learning

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

With activities such as • The promotion and dissemination of the World Intangible Heritage Narrative Art, and the furtherance of the value of personal and collective creative expression through the Arts. • The planning and materialization of seminars, reeducation, workshops festivals, performances, and other forms of activities such as Multicultural training programs for children and adults, research programs, and material collection, study, and publication. Promotion of non-formal and informal learning, developing activities for vulnerable groups. • Multilingual narrations with the participation of foreigners, immigrants, students, volunteers narrating in their mother tongue. • Foreigners and immigrants’ participation in the Action Art/Eikastiki Drasi programs through exchange programs or invitations. Action Art/ Eikastiki Drasi participation in other countries programs. • The development of cooperation between bodies or NGOs.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Because the cooperation of bodies of different countries contributes to the promotion of communication, ideas, views, and experiences exchange among peoples. It contributes instrumentally to the knowing, the designation of similarities and differences, and the elimination of stereotypes. It leads to extroversion, creative communication, tolerance, and creative cohabitation.

Contact (1) Full Name
Rodanthi Dimitresi
Job Title
story-teller, artiste
Head of the organisation
Rodanthi Dimitresi
Contact (2) Full Name
Evgenia Simeonidou
Job Title (2)