Research Report "The Journey of the Anna Lindh Foundation in Albania 2008 - 2022"

Research Cover

"The Journey of the Anna Lindh Foundation in Albania" is now published! 

This Report is the result of the research that was conducted during February - March 2022 by the Albanian Media Institute, the Head of the Network in Albania.

The report is based on data gathered via 30 questionnaires and 12 in-depth interviews, including interviews with Mr. Besnik Mustafaj former Minister of Foreign Affairs and the previous Head of Network Coordinator with the Albanian Forum for the Alliance of civilizations;  Ms. Admira Jorgji, Director of Europe, at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs; as well as interviews with members of the Albanian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation.

The research is insightful and sheds light on the evolution of the Albanian Network over time. Most importantly, it highlights that members still believe in the importance of strengthening the Network in Albania, as it generates new opportunities, enhances cooperation and promotes dialogue across the Mediterranean. 

The research was supported financially by the Anna Lindh Foundation under the Global Price Contract.